History, art, nature and flavors come together in a journey to discover the true Piedmont. From Venaria Reale, with its gardens, to the numerous attractions of Turin, with its elegant eighteenth-century buildings, along the Po, the Egyptian and Cinema museums , to the romantic atmosphere of the Langhe, dotted with castles and towers, where you can taste the wines that have made this land famous all over the world


The day starts with a guided tour of the city of Turin. Walking through the old town admire the main monuments: the exterior of San Giovanni Cathedral , the Roman remains, the doors palatine and the ruins of the Roman Theatre, the Royal Church of San Lorenzo, the exterior of the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama and the Teatro Regio . We continue with the Industry Gallery Subalpina and squares Carignano and St.Carlo, before a short sightseeing tour by bus to discover the Valentino park, along the Po, Piazza Vittorio. After lunch, the afternoon is dedicated to a guided tour of the Egyptian Museum, second in importance only to the Cairo Museum, or of the National Museum of Cinema. Before dinner we take advantage of the free time to enjoy the small town atmosphere. 

Visit the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, an example of Baroque architecture and eighteenth century, which was the residence of the Royal House of Savoia for centuries and that has been restored to its former glory by a recent restoration that was completed in 2007. Unesco World Heritage site the palace, that along with the residence La Mandria and its superb gardens have become one of the inevitable stops during a visit to Turin. Besides the grounds already      mentioned, a lovely lounge with Diana, the Great Gallery and Cappenna of St. Uberto are remarkable. After lunch, we enjoy a guided tour of the "Italian Versailles," and its gardens , eighteenth-century jewel designed by the best architects of the period. In the evening we            arrive in Turin for dinner.

After dinner city tour by night:when the frenzy quiets and the traffic slows, the Old Town  is illuminated with an old light and the city once again becomes the big and beautiful "Madama"    that men like Nostradamus and Cagliostro have known and loved. In the darkness of the       evening Turin shows its face more intriguing, a magical, murky, unaccountable Torino  awaits you.